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In the healthcare market, the right selection of a certified vendor for barcode equipment and labels is critical. Choosing a provider with insight, knowledge, experience and the capability of determining the correct equipment, software, label material and adhesive with optimal results is essential. There are many factors involved when searching for the correct hardware and label characteristics for your department. Extreme conditions such as sterilization, washing procedures and cold or wet storage in the Central Sterile, Pharmacy and Laboratories departments have demonstrated to be a challenge for standard label applications to perform. Special label materials, adhesives and packages combined with special ribbons, scanners, printers and software are necessary to ensure good results.

Failing to examine any of these determining factors can ultimately lead to application failure which can be costly to the customer. company has over 25 years of experience in assisting the healthcare market with their labeling, scanning and printer needs. We h stumbled across many scenarios which helps us provide efficient solutions for our customers. There are many vendors who will o pricing based on limited specifications however, a QUALIFIED vendor will take the time to examine the process and application ne specific to the customer to achieve an efficient result.

Choosing a barcode can seem overwhelming
How do you select the right bar code? Which barcode will do what you want? The right vendor will be able to select the right barcode for your application and review all the specifications for you. System One Medical will provide a complete guide of our suggested bar code symbology for your particular application. There are even interactive barcode guides available in the net to answer many common questions and help you select the right bar code for your needs.

Here is a quick list of some popular barcode symbologies:

  • Bar Code 2/5 interleaved: high density numeric, variable length, no checksum required
  • Bar Code 3 of 9: partial alpha-numeric, variable length, no checksum required
  • Bar Code 93: partial alpha-numeric, variable length, two checksums required
  • Bar Code 128: alpha-numeric, plus numeric, variable length, checksum required
  • Bookland: fixed length numeric, checksum required, encodes ISBN and pric
  • Codabar: numeric plus four alpha characters, variable length, no checksum required
  • UPC-A: 12 digit numeric, checksum required, for retail products in North America