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History of system oneRefurbished Equipment – Great Deal

At System One Medical our senior management team has actively participated in the Automatic Identification / Data Capture (AIDC)/POS industry and the broader technology market for more than 30 years, so we understand that most of the time, new equipment with its attendant feature and performance improvements will usually best serve the interests of the end customer. However, there are instances when the best solution is reliable used equipment in good, serviceable condition. For example, when an organization:

• is adding to an installed base and wants to extend a proven hardware platform.
• doesn't need the latest technology to meet the demands of its application.
• doesn't have the budget for a complete technology refresh.

In these or other similar circumstances, it makes good business sense to identify a high quality supplier of reliable used and refurbished technology equipment. System One Medical is focused on helping technology users extend successful implementations of barcode and mobile data capture systems, printers, point-of-sale devices and more.

Talk to us about your technology needs. Let our experienced team of used/refurbished technology sales associates save your organization time and money -- get the quality technology equipment your enterprise requires from System One Medical.

Benefits of Refurbished Equipment
• Significant savings for used/refurbished equipment.
• All refurbished equipment components are repaired/replaced and fully tested.
• All units come with 90 days warranty.
• Helps meet your department needs and budget at the same time.
• Alternative option if “NEW” equipment is no longer available.

Let our experienced team with used/refurbished technology save your organization time and money. We offer nothing less than “quality” technology.